Why you shouldn’t position yourself

Why positioning and why positioning

Google rules marketing. Probably, if you read this, then you are a man of the Internet and you are susceptible to ads and the order of page suggestions in Google searches – you trust that the search engine offers you exactly what you referred to as accurately as possible.
It is true that the search engine user will only click on two, maximum three highest results (SERPs). It rarely happens that it goes to the next ones, which is why you no longer even notice the use of Google, it has become so natural and reflexive. For this reason, reaching further results is remembered – it’s simply unusual.

Who is positioning for?

Real search takes place on the next pages of results. On the first – especially you can be sure of the first page – search results are pages that have taken SEO. The more general the password, the more you can be sure that you are looking at the ongoing cold war for first place. These subpages are optimized in technical and content terms – they have adequate phrase saturation and content volume. All to win the competition and gain entry for displaying your ads and acquiring customers.

Positioning or Google Ads

The thing that I want to explain in this article is that the new page should not be positioned. You should take care of it in terms of optimization, regularly add subpages and if you have dates on the site, keep them up to date. This is all preparation. For at least half a year, however, you will not achieve great results, so I personally advise against using SEO and freelancers – all you have to do is publish content. Try to link to your site yourself in various places.

Should I position myself?

In the first year of operation of the site, it will be best to invest in Google Ads rather than in positioning, because the ads will translate into real entries and you will definitely be displayed first in the ads, not on the 50-99 search page. You can easily allocate the equivalent subscription to advertising.

So I recommend first using advertising campaigns and collecting profits, and then, when Google trusts the website, fight competition in search results and gain prestige.

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