Turn on the night owl mode

I like to experiment on myself. In recent years, I’ve been inspired to do this by the blog Cross the Boundaries , which has changed a lot in my whole life approach. It’s not what I read there. Between the lines of articles, the author of this blog included an idea that sounded like a Chinese chime hit. I came across the same frequency that now resonates with me.

Recently, Marcin – that is his name – wrote on Facebook that he gets up early in the morning. A good idea, I thought. I never did it, even though I tried many times. Fashionable thing for persistent people, but for Marcin “in the morning” it is already 1-3 at night. He defines this hour in the morning to give it a positive effect. Nobody wants to get up at night because of the negative associations of this activity. The thought of the so-called getting up early, so I used to call it the night owl mode.

Advantages of the night owl mode

I thought it was a topic worth paying attention to. I decided to take it for several reasons:

  • Over the years I have noticed a strong increase in performance and strong concentration that lasted from the evening until late at night. It is also a time of the best ideas and deepest reflections for me.
  • Nobody bothers you – you have absolutely no time and place to yourself.
  • The night is amazing. I feel it like a pause, because the world is frozen. Everything is empty. It is a very relaxing feeling and I consider it the most positive thing and the best to serve for a wake up call. I get up happy, and the plan of the whole day is in my mind.
  • I have an age-old problem with getting up early. A lot of strong light, warmth of the sun’s rays, noises from outside the window – this is something unpleasant for me as for the first impressions after waking up. There was no talk of focus for four hours after getting up. The first lessons at school were wasted. I was always afraid that when I had to work, I would not do it productively – after all, almost everywhere goes to work at the early hours. These problems are now over!

If you get up in the dark and go to sleep before the day is over, you may experience some time shock. Sleep rotations up to three hours ahead or back did not help me. This has to be done radically, by inversion. Maybe not full, because then I would get up in the evening, but I found a mode in which I feel very good. It’s perfect for me. Like this article, I write this article around five o’clock in the morning, already fully awake and ready for fruitful work. Getting up in the dark I feel very at home, comfortable, as if I had lived my whole life and was adapted. Everywhere is quiet, cool as I like. Neighbors and tenants wake up only when I’m preparing my breakfast, or when I have sat down to work or even left the apartment.

Make time in the morning

The first days of the above practice developed for me habits that differ from those where I woke up around 7 am or later. It looks something like this:

  1. Wake up – here is a place for washing, clothing, cleaning, and prayer. I crawl into the kitchen after bulletproof coffee .
  2. Reading – I sit down with coffee and spend about an hour reading a book from the IT department or philosophical and theological works that I love.
  3. I give myself ten minutes for a solid stretch, then sit down to my computer to check my email and watch a new, quick motivator for my favorite YouTube channel.
  4. If I have any topics to list, I start or develop an article. If I don’t write or finish sooner, I get on with cardio or calisthenic exercises and a cold shower.
  5. Breakfast introduces me to the right part of the day. It became quite bright outside.

I realize that this style of experiencing the day has a price, like everything. If you do not want to be a zombie, say goodbye to current evening rituals , watching TV series, late outings, with evening beer at friends. you will save money on alcohol that you would drink with them. Strengthen the financial security buffer instead. Alcohol is a luxury that nobody needs. If you care a lot, meet them earlier, because 18-20 is the limit of your day, which you must not cross. Marcin falls asleep later because he sleeps about four or five hours a day, but I don’t approve of it if you don’t wake up like him. The Essentialist takes eight hours of sleep as the best method of productivity throughout the day and I will stick to it.

Programming is also a phenomenal idea. In order not to spoil your eyes in the dark, I recommend the Dark Reader, which I use every day and praise myself. If you’re using Linux, you may also be interested in the Safe Eyes.

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