The power of a cold shower

In 2015 and 2016 I played the most sport and I had contact with people who were also not passive in this sphere. The most experienced of us repeated that a cold shower has great benefits for the body. He didn’t argue, we believed him. Although he said it by the way, his words remained in my memory and I decided to check what is unusual in pouring cold water.

Advantages of cold showers

The topic of cold showers is fashionable, which is why most people know what they are used for and how they work. Known factors that convince most apprentices are the activation of brown fat, skin tightening to eliminate wrinkles and cellulite, stimulation of blood supply, deeper breathing, sobering.

Of course, I was not convinced by anything other than just the fact that you need to break, because cold water is simply cold. The facts stood before me: it is healthy, it strengthens the willpower, it requires stubbornness, and the reward is stress relief and greater self-control. If you can do something differently than in the usual way, I will gladly try it.

A month of bathing in cold water

The plan was as follows: after waking up I had a minute wake up under a cold shower. To this day, I don’t have a better method for waking up from sleep. I took baths in lukewarm water and finished in cold water. Before going to bed, it was ideal to harden alternately with hot and coldest water, because the body during this procedure immediately went into a state of deep relaxation and you had to go to sleep. A good solution for the evening under high pressure preventing falling asleep. After a month, cold water is no longer impressive, or at least it is easy to wash in it.

How long to take cold showers

I heard that the moment when the water ceases to be cold should be an indicator of the valve turning off. Allegedly, the body then begins to cool by cooling better blood supply over a larger area. Sounds sensible, but before I heard about it, I had the habit of taking five-minute baths, and that’s how it stayed. I am healthy, I think clearly after a shower and I am excited about the day.

A cold shower has one advantage, which encourages me to continue this activity every day: the first shot of cold water is not pleasant, especially when I just got out of bed. You don’t want to do this – it’s self-inflicted self-inflicted harm. I can never name the thoughts that come to me then, but they are black as Nazgûl’s greeting. After a dozen or so seconds, however, the worst is behind you, and because you have already suffered seemingly unpleasant things in the morning and physically caused you a little pain, you will be calm and happy for the rest of the day that you will not find such unpleasant and painful things today. Annoyances at the hands of others – unless physical violence occurs – are really nothing if you consciously expose yourself to your comfort zone.

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