Is it still worth coding HTML pages?

WordPress is currently the most-chosen engine for quickly placing blogs and small stores. It has so many free templates and plugins that in one day you can do something sufficient for hobby websites and the only thing left is the matter of content. Well, we still have Ghost, Wix, Tumblr, Joomle, Medium, Weebly. Why not use one of them? Why not use some html page builder?

HTML for the rookies and beginners

The main reason for creating HTML pages is simply their optimality. You’re doing a site that won’t change. Usually it is some kind of business card of the company, some permanent advertisement with the promotion and the form, short presentation with opening hours etc. All you have to do is connect your domain and you can make yourself comfortable on the internet. 🙂

The cost of an HTML page

HTMlówki are very cheap to build and you do not need to look after them. Maybe in the future some analysis of the latest trends will be useful, e.g. recently Google has tightened the requirements in PSI, but otherwise the site sits and works. It does not lose its relevance, especially if it does not contain any dates in the content.

Will using PHP negatively affect the output of an HTML page?

The smarter code lover can use PHP to load common elements of the page on many subpages, such as header, sidebar and footer. For each separate subpage, you can also declare a variable that will be loaded into the header as meta title and meta description . This would save him a lot of time with subsequent changes and will not load the page or delay rendering. Such a procedure, however, incredibly improves the readability of the website’s code. When it comes to speed, it’s rather the photos that play the biggest role. You just have to remember to set the source set for them and optimize the weight and size of photos for the given resolutions as much as possible.

Or maybe an HTML page using .NET?

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to PHP if you want to use small automation and improvements. However, the .NET html sounds funny. Given how much PHP7 has accelerated, there is nothing to discuss and let’s leave .NET better on serious, heavily armed topics. 🙂 In addition, it is only about subtle additions. The HTML page should remain as much raw HTML as possible.

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