How to make a dash without a numeric keypad

I came across while writing another article. The dash on the keyboard is not such a simple topic, because I work on a 13 “laptop without a numeric keypad and you have to sort it out somehow. Normally I would type Alt + 0151 and that’s it, but should I really open a new tab, search for dash on Google, go to Wikipedia and copy the symbol from there until I change my laptop? Too long! You can open the symbol search tool in Windows, but it’s so inconvenient that nobody uses it.

How to quickly insert the lower and upper quotation marks and dashes on the keyboard

Unfortunately, there is no convenient and quick way to dash on the keyboard. From what I’ve seen, you can’t just modify the keyboard in the system without a special program, and we want a quick solution. We want to make a dash on the laptop keyboard, not install software.

Jak pisać półpauzę bez klawiatury numerycznej

However, I decided to use the Windows character table. I open Start and look for: “Char…”. I open the system program “Character Map”, running it as administrator.

Windows character table – how to make a dash without a numeric keypad

Półpauza bez klawiatury numerycznej na laptopie

I run it, then go to properties and assign a hotkey so that I don’t have to search for it in the future.

Jak pisać myślnik, pauzę i półpauzę na laptopie

Now the Windows character table will turn on every time I press this key combination. Apply, OK. I go to the program, select “Advanced view”, which allows me to search for a character. I type “pause” – and we’re home, you can copy the symbol.

Why a dash on a laptop keyboard

The solution is boring and clunky, but it ultimately works. I rarely have an external keyboard attached. For the future, I will buy a laptop that has a numeric keypad and congratulations to anyone who has.

Fast dash and pause! Update 2020.07.18

If you have Windows 10, you can use the Win + .  shortcut, which opens an emoji and symbols panel. When you go to the symbols tab, you will find all the ones you need and not on the keyboard! This is the discovery of the year that changed a lot for me. 😎😁

panel emoji windows 10Panel symboli windows 10

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