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With me you can always count on a fresh look and interesting ideas - I'm not duplicate patterns.

SEO standards

I have experience doing SEO and projects with the aim of positioning to your site from the beginning was well liked by Google.

Action speed

I am amazed at the effective optimization of websites and the creation of lightweight structures that result in fast action.

Knowledge of trends

I monitor changes in design trends to be able to go out to them and consciously break the accepted norms.


I assure themes to adjust resolution smartphones, tablets, laptops and HD.


I know the standards UX / UI, so your site will be comfortable to use, regardless of the chosen style.


I know about accessibility for users with disabilities. I introduce the ease by which it easier to move them to the side.

Always fancy

I design and aesthetic dynamic page with the intention of stopping by the users, who will find them on Google.

Know your contractor

Programista PHP Poznań

Krzysztof Król

Frontend developer and SEO specialist. I live and work with essentialist approach.

I have experience in creating websites and their positioning. I focus on web development, developing PHP, JS and ASP.NET Core.

If the project does not require the precision of Photoshop, I use free software. The way of my work constantly strives to contribute to the development of open source in Poland and in the world.

In work and in private life I put on the meticulousness and quality of actions, rather than the number of projects. This attitude promises to challenge me, which fills me with joy completion and fulfillment.

I run a blog about web programming - in so far as I can help people in my step or a few steps behind me - and the life of the essentialist approach, with an emphasis on crossing patterns mentality and habits.


  • In the course of learning
    • React
    • Redux
    • Basics of Python
  • PHP 7
    • Structural code
    • Object code (not often)
    • Composer
  • Apache
    • Redirects
    • File compression
    • Cache
  • JavaScript
    • Modular code
    • Vanilla JS
    • jQuery
    • npm/GULP
  • CSS
    • CSS3
    • Bootstrap 4
    • SASS
  • Others
    • SQL
    • Linux Bash
    • Windows Batch


  • Project management
    • Asana
    • GitHub
  • Graphics
    • GIMP
    • Adobe Photoshop
    • Inkscape
    • Figma.com
    • Adobe Illustrator
  • Code editor
    • VS Code
    • Atom
    • Visual Studio
  • Others
    • KeyPass 2
    • Filezilla

SEO Tools

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Monitoring Senuto
  • Monitoring SeoStation
  • Web crawling robots
  • My own tools


  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL

Version control

  • Git


  • WordPress
    • ACF
    • WooCommerce
    • Yoast SEO
    • Polylang
    • Duplicator
  • PrestaShop
  • Shoper


  • GNU/Linux
    • Mint
    • OpenSUSE
  • Windows 10

Sample projects

lema3d.pl For: BrandOxygen
Design by BrandOxygen. Website based on WordPress. Bootstrap, jQuery, RWD, ACF, alternative language versions, custom posts. Bootstrap carousels.

mediderm.help For: BrandOxygen
Design by BrandOxygen. Website based on WordPress. Bootstrap, jQuery, RWD, ACF, alternative language versions, custom posts. The first visit shows an interactive map that redirects to the language with the sale offer appropriate for the given country.

trzechkumpli.pl For: BrandOxygen
Design by BrandOxygen. Website based on WordPress. Bootstrap, jQuery, RWD, ACF, alternative language versions, custom posts.

Original design and implementation of the website for the EMS salon, based on the WordPress engine. Bootstrap, jQuery, RWD. SSL, server, domain and mail configuration.

nawmar.pl For: Antygen.pl
HTML purchased, optimized for SEO, added price list, forms and other modules. Tailoring to customer needs, implementing good UX and RWD practices.


Visual Timer for meetings
2019· Completed· Vanilla JS
A practical Chrome extension that is useful for Project Managers. After entering the minutes it activates the meeting timer. End of meeting is signaled by a popup and an appropriate sound.
Automatic assessment
2019· In production· React, Redux, ReactStrap, Material UI
An application that will be used for automatic valuation of programming services. The finished effect will be be sent with a single click of the client, so that I can call back with a detailed commercial offer.
2019· Completed· jQuery, HTML, CSS
I made this calculator as studies project to show what I would use. It showed me that I don't need PHP every time. I finished it with jQuery and HTML and Bootstrap to quick prototype. The calc is draggable thanks to jQueryUI, but it was unnecessary.
SEO report generator
2019· Suspended· PHP, Smarty, Bootstrap
It's an automation of work with libre or microsoft office by many hours, just to export a pdf with specification of SEO optimisation that I make for a clients every month.
Album Edictorum
2017· Completed· Vanilla JS
A plugin to Google Chrome. To-do list inspired by 'Sword Art Online' series. I learned some JS basics while making it.

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